Parking w/ an Industrial Lease

Parking w/ an Industrial Lease

Parking w/ an Industrial Lease

Unlike office parking ratios which frequently focus on employee density, industrial lease parking must take into account many more factors including the size of delivery vehicles, loading docks, and use of outdoor space.

The type of business you run and the work on the grounds all come into play when deciding if the industrial lease you’re interested in is properly parked.

Office Buildings for Lease

An office building with a large number of employees usually have 3-10 parking spaces per 1,000 feet which leaves room for visitors, parcel deliveries, and temporary employees.

Office buildings for lease rarely require room for the maneuvering of larger vehicles or trucks and usually utilize any additional outdoor square footage for shared common areas and curb appeal.

Warehouses for Lease

While a large warehouse for lease may only need a few spaces for a handful of workers, the majority of the parking area may require tens or thousands of square feet to make up for shipping containers, cross dock facilities, and assembly or manufacturing needs.

Additional areas for storage may also be a factor when configuring parking areas for warehouses for lease. Double check your #s by all accounts and be aware of whether you’ll have designated yard space for storage or if the storage space would pull spaces out of the parking lot in order to accommodate your company’s demands.

Warehouse Deliveries

Most industrial leases have large containers of shipments delivered on a daily basis making it imperative to ensure parking areas leave enough room to maneuver and access your business in standard shipping containers.

Make sure to run the numbers or hire an outside firm to run the logistics if you’re unsure of the company’s needs when considering parking areas for an industrial lease.

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