At Ferrer Commercial Real Estate Advisors, LLC our Mission Statement is more than a tag line, it summarizes our three core beliefs that allow us to create the most value for our clients.

Expertise-  We understand that without leading edge market data, experience and industry leading techniques, it is virtually impossible to deliver optimized results to our clients. That is why we invest in top of the line software, data bases and other industry tools along with the training to support our staff on how best to implement these tools to our client’s maximum advantage. We firmly believe in not only being participants in national organizations and industry professional groups, but to also be recognized as a thought leader in the industry. Ferrer Commercial Real Estate Advisors publishes monthly market snapshots on the three core market segments: Office, Retail, Industrial, as well as regional business news and trends.

Ethics- It is not enough in today’s market place to only have expertise in your profession, you need the appropriate ethics as well. What we mean is in addition to a strong, consistent, institutional work ethic, an organization and its team members needs to have the appropriate character and moral compass to put their clients’ interests above their own. Even when their interests are not mutually aligned with our own.

Execution- While expertise, and ethics form the basis of our corporate culture, the reality is that without the ability to continuously replicate, perform and deliver premium results, all the ethics and expertise in the world is not enough to meet the goals and objectives of our clients or the company.

At Ferrer Commercial Real Estate Advisors we have utilized the past 17 years of experience to assemble leading edge best practices and techniques that allow us to consistently deliver world class results. We are regimented enough to ensure quality but nimble enough to amend systems to enable us to craft unique custom solutions for each of our unique clients.

Call us today and let’s get started crafting a unique plan to help you and your company reach your real estate objectives.

All the best,

Mike Ferrer, CCIM, MCR
Founder and Broker in charge