Clear Span Buildings Advantages | Charleston Warehouse for Lease

Clear Span Buildings Advantages | Charleston Warehouse for Lease

Clear Span Buildings Advantages

Clear Span Buildings are an incredible versatile commercial property or warehouse that is clear of beams, posts, and load bearing floor support. Clear span commercial property allows for more flexibility and clear working space for your companies products &/or warehouse needs.

Clear span buildings offer an array of versatility for companies and small businesses in need of commercial real estate which uses fork lifts, distribution centers, racking systems, manufacturing, and even sports complexes or gyms.

Are Clear Span Buildings right for your business?

Check out the video below where Mike Ferrer, BIC, CCIM, MCR helps us learn more about clear span commercial real estate and warehouses:

As you can see, this type of commercial real estate offers an array of options for myriad businesses. If your company requires clear space with no beams or pillars getting in your way, then clear span is definitely the choice for you.

Need a commercial real estate agent? 

Mike Ferrer, CCIM, MCR has over 15 years of commercial real estate listing and lease experience. With a focus on industrial warehouses, manufacturing, office buildings, vacant land, and commercial buildings, Mike is also well affiliated with the top dogs in Charleston including Boeing, Jafza, and the SC State Ports Authority.

Mike is the current president of the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors (CTAR) Commercial MLS as well as the president of the Commercial MLS for the state of South Carolina. With these two accolades alone, Mike has a plethora of commercial real estate knowledge and insurmountable ties to the local community both statewide and stretching across the entire southeast.

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