4 Tips When Leasing or Renting Your Commercial Office Space

4 Tips When Leasing or Renting Your Commercial Office Space

Last month we gave tenants some pointers when looking to rent or lease office space for their business.

Today, we’re flipping the coin and speaking to the Landlords of commercial property and commercial office space.  Filling vacancies is not rocket science; however, it can be extremely time consuming and frustrating…especially for landlords who own several commercial office buildings around town.

If you’re looking to find tenants to rent or lease your commercial office space, check out Mike’s 4 quick and easy tips in the video below!

Let Mike help you get your office space rented ASAP so you can concentrate on more exciting things:

 4 Tips When Leasing or Renting Your Commercial Office Space 

  1. Know Your Property’s Worth
  2. Promote Your Space
  3. Negotiate the Lease
  4. Hire an agent you trust (like Mike!)

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