My Best Success in Commercial Real Estate: 861 College Park Rd.

My Best Success in Commercial Real Estate: 861 College Park Rd.

Every REALTOR® has their best success in real estate story, and this real estate transaction is the one I’m most proud of.

Success in Real Estate



I am fiercely productive and promise cutting-edge practices when it comes to closing deals for my clients, and this real estate success story is the perfect representation of those pacts coming into play.

The sale started with a valuation of the property where I worked the numbers and streamlined valuation tools in order to determine the current and future cash flow for the property.

Once a list price was determined, I developed a comprehensive marketing plan and compiled leading marketing collateral including a drone flyover for a virtual tour of the property, virtual and printed brochures, and a comprehensive floor plan of the buildings.

These efforts paid off and the property soon went under contract.

The next step, being of the utmost importance for any commercial real estate transaction, included a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA).  This report summarized the site and its surrounding areas determining whether any further testing was required to pinpoint underlying environmental conditions that could present a problem for the property. No further testing was required.

From this point on, I worked tirelessly to coordinate a land swap with the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT), stage a walk through with the clients and customers to ensure proper property division, and diligently organized the rezoning of the site within the allotted due diligence.

Last, but not least, the most difficult obstacle I had to overcome with this sale was the untimely death of the seller during the transaction. At the request of the family, I was able to keep the deal together during a very trying time.

There will always be that one deal that stands out among the rest. These transactions are the hardest to work, induce the most stress, and are worthy of celebration once the last dotted line is signed.  The best part about success in real estate though is how they make you feel: they strengthen your resolve, craft your character, and set up your business for a bright and successful future.

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