Leasing Office Space Checklist

Leasing Office Space Checklist

There is a leasing office space checklist to consider before searching for commercial property for rent in Charleston.

Many business owners forget the number one factor that can make or break a deal when leasing office space: considering the needs of employees.

In our post, Tips When Looking to Rent Office Space for Business, we touched on quantifying a businesses needs when leasing office space. Today we’re expanding on that thought to include quantifying the needs of employees.

A thriving staff requires a tip top environment to maximize productivity and expand company morale. Richard Branson said it best, “…If you take care of your employees, employees will take care of your clients”.

When looking for the perfect office space to lease for your company, be sure to check off all the boxes in this Leasing Office Space Checklist:

Leasing Office Space Checklist

Location, Location, Location

As with any real estate deal, location is key when it comes to leasing office space. Staff commutes are a major hurdle to overcome in Charleston, SC and any other flourishing metropolitan area. Be aware of the average driving times from local suburbs as well as the availability of alternate routes in the case of accidents and other traffic jams. Try to ensure drug stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, dry cleaners, and restaurants are all within the vicinity so employees can easily run errands on their lunch breaks if needed.

Technical Functionality  

There is nothing more frustrating than working space with spotty wifi, non-functioning power outlets, dropped calls, and unreliable cell service. Video streaming, social media interaction, conference calls, and online word processing tools are all business necessities so it imperative to confirm electronic compatibility on any prospective office space before signing paperwork.

Work Spaces

Take office duties of employees into account. Will some employees need to work together while others work alone? Will salespersons be meeting with clients on or offsite? Will some employees work from cubicles while others have offices? Decide which floor plans, work and meeting areas, office space, conference rooms and common areas are needed in order to keep employee morale and productivity as high as it can be. Also ensure there is ample parking for both clients and staff.


Gorgeous natural lighting and eco-conscious fixtures can brighten the outlook of your team and keep them at peak performance. Large windows, bright light, sunshine, LEDs and clean air have been known to improve mental function, boost moods, reduce headaches and sick days and lower energy costs.

Room for Growth

Most businesses want to grow so it makes sense to consider expansion when searching for office space to lease long term. Does the space allow for additional desks, cubicles, parking, or even a video production room that may be needed in the future? Don’t make the mistake of leasing office space that is a perfect fit at the present time, but may be outgrown before the lease is complete.

Commercial Real Estate Broker in Charleston, SC

Mike Ferrer, CCIM, MCR has over 15 years of commercial real estate Brokerage and Development experience. With a focus on warehouses, manufacturing, office buildings, vacant land, and Investment Sales. He opened his own brokerage in 2015, and has completed over $225,000,000 in transactions throughout the Lowcountry.

Mike is the past president of the Commercial MLS for the state of South Carolina and has served on many other civic and philanthropic boards. Mike has a plethora of commercial real estate knowledge and established ties to the local community both statewide and stretching across the entire southeast.

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