A Closer Look at Growth, Congestion, & Moratoriums for Apartments & Hotels in Charleston

A Closer Look at Growth, Congestion, & Moratoriums for Apartments & Hotels in Charleston

Moratoriums for Apartments and Hotels in Charleston

Growth, development, congestion, accidents, bumper to bumper traffic and fallen netting (aka Tarpageddon) are taking its toll on natives and transplants alike in Charleston, SC.

Residents and town council members are pushing for moratoriums for apartments, multi-family developments, and hotels in Charleston to allow time for a deeper look at the city’s capital improvements while developers and builders believe these stays may be pushing things too far.

Take a look at the stances of the Charleston suburbs on the continued construction of commercial and residential buildings in the Lowcountry:

Mount Pleasant: Town council members have listened to the cries of concerned residents and implemented a 2 year freeze on new apartment developments in the area. Although the moratorium can be lifted at any time, the town hopes the ban will allow for the completion of current projects giving them a better idea of how to proceed with future developments. On top of the building ban, the town is also moving forward on a significant hike in fees for developers in order to keep up with much needed changes in the city’s infrastructure.

Downtown: Hotels continue to multiply unapologetically on the Peninsula while City Council has no current moratorium plans in place. Instead, to appease the public and face the traffic problems head on, City planning officials want to implement stricter rules on properties which are to be used for accommodations.  Requirements for new hotels would include accountability for employee parking or explanations as to why employees wouldn’t need to drive to work, disruption free car and foot traffic valet parking demonstrations, and free shuttle services for hotel guest for any hotel built off of the peninsula but still within the limits of the City of Charleston. Whether or not these new rules pass into law remains to be seen.

West Ashley:  The future of this incredibly popular suburb focuses around the West Ashley Revitalization Commission who has their eyes on resourcefulness for a vibrant community. Future livability and community improvements are on their radar, paving the way for improved traffic conditions, public parks, bike paths, and incorporation efforts for more area green space.

Their plans are ambitious, smart, and looking further into the future than any of the other towns in the area.

James Island: Town residents were infuriated when a local movie theater and staple to the community closed unexpectedly opening the land for a new apartment complex. James Island town council implemented a 6 month moratorium on the development of four or more residential units &/or commercial structures larger than 1,500 sq. ft but the Charleston Planning Commision and some residents are worried the wording of the ban will also keep local small businesses from opening in the area. Initial approval has taken effect, but the word in not final. The issue will be up for consideration as early as August.

Listen to Mike’s expert opinion on the Charleston Moratoriums in the video below:


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